True Fighter


I made a new character class for those who wants to play a skilled fighter and doesn´t like the idea of playing with a Sommerlund Knight of the Realm or a Warrior (that´s nice in a supported role but doesn´t fit for a player). I don´t know if i made it too much powerful. Well, here is it.


I made the class thinking in a character who tries to become a perfect fighter through discipline and study of the fighting arts and martial training.

Endurance die:d10

Skills: All as warrior

Base Speed: 30

Weapon and armour proficiency: Proficiency with all non racial one-handed melee weapons, all shields and light armour.

Base Attack and Saves as warrior.

Weapon proficiency:

The fighter chooses one weapon (can be a racial or ranged weapon) and gains proficiency with it.


All improvements cannot be used if the fighter suffers from any temporary ability damage and only if his endurance is 5 or higher.

-Speed: Can be taken twice. The fighter gains +5 to his base speed.

-Quick Fight: Can be taken two times. The first time the fighter gains +1 AC, the second time gains +2 AC all against melee attacks when no flat-footed or losing the Dex bonus.

-Fast Reaction: Can be taken three times. The first time the fighter can draw a weapon as a free action instead of a move equivalent action. The second time the fighter can apply his Intelligence bonus if positive plus his Dexterity bonus to his Initiative. The third time gains +4 to his Initiative.

-Uncanny Dodge: Can be taken twice. As Shadaki Buccaneer.

-Sneak Attack: Can be taken only twice. As Shadaki Buccaneer.


Can be taken only once. The fighter gains +2 on a chosen save.


-Weapon Mastery: Can be taken twice. The first time the fighter gains +1 to both attack and damage with a chosen weapon that the fighter has proficiency with and can reroll a failed attack roll once per combat (cannot reroll a critical miss). The second time the bonus is improved to +2 to attack and damage.

-Improved Critical: Can be taken twice: The first time the fighter improves the critical hit of a chosen weapon that the fighter has proficiency with from 20 to 19-20, from 19-20 to 18-20 or from 18-20 to 17-20.
The second time the multiplier number is improved. (from x2 to x3 or x3 to x4 for example)

-One Weapon Style: Can be taken twice. At first the fighter gains +1 AC against melee attacks from a chosen opponent when holding one weapon that has proficiency with in a hand and wearing nothing in the other and when is no flat-footed or losing the Dex bonus to AC. The second time gains an additional attack at his full attack bonus –2 when attacking in a full-round action.

-Two Weapon Style: Can be taken twice. At first the fighter gains an improvement of +2 to attack when fighting with one handed weapon in each hand (can be different weapons like an axe and a club, a sword and a dagger….but he must have proficiency with both weapons) So he fights at –2 instead of –4. The second time his strength bonus to damage with the weapon in the off hand is not halved.(apply his full strength bonus to damage)

-Two Handed Weapon Style: Can be taken twice. At first the fighter gains +1 AC against melee attacks from a chosen opponent when holding a two handed weapon, as one weapon style. After that the fighter apply his strength bonus if positive x2 to damage. So a fighter with Strength 15 use +4 to damage instead of +3.

-Weapon plus Shield Style: Can be taken twice. When holding a one handed weapon and a shield this style confers the fighter +1 extra AC against ranged and melee attacks. The second time the bonus improves to +2 against melee attacks and +3 versus ranged attacks.

-Improved Damage: From a chosen weapon that the fighter has proficiency the fighter can apply up to –3 to attack on a strike (before the attack roll) and apply up to +3 to the damage. Non usable against creatures immune to critical hits as undead or constructs.

Note: All the AC improvements stacks.


The fighter gains an extra move or attack action in a round. Can only be used when no flat-footed or surprised and only once a day plus one more/ 4 levels.


When a level with Endurance Bonus is achieved the fighter gains x2 to his endurance roll. So a fighter with a Constitution Score of 14 gains 1d10+2 Endurance, instead gains 2d10+2.


Can be taken three times. At first the fighter can apply up to –5 to his attack and gain the same as positive in his AC when fighting defensively. This continue until the next time he has to act.

Later it confers a +2 to Sense motive or Bluff checks when a feint is involved or in opposed rolls when disarming or being disarmed.

And the third time the bonus to Sense Motive, Bluff and opposed rolls improves to +4.

Level Benefit

1 Weapon proficiency and gains proficiency with medium armour.
2 Gains proficiency with heavy armour, Heroic Surge.
3 Combat Style (must take weapon mastery)
4 Combat Expertise (Fighting Defensively enhanced)
5 Improvement
6 Weapon proficiency, Endurance bonus
7 Improved Save
8 Combat Style
9 Improvement
10 Combat Expertise (+2)
11 Weapon proficiency, Endurance bonus
12 Combat Style
13 Improvement
14 Combat Style
15 Weapon proficiency, Combat Expertise (+3)
16 Improvement
17 Combat Style
18 Improvement
19 Weapon proficiency, Endurance bonus
20 Chooses one, Improvement or Combat Style.

What do you think? Is it too much powerful?



Well, you were right, it is a little too powerful. I'd get rid of the abilities that also belong to the Shadaki Buccaneer. Evasion isn't so bad, except it takes away a little from the Buccaneer if a fighter has it. There's no way a class called "Heroic Fighter" should have sneak attack. Besides, with the combat abilities you've given the class, it doesn't need that ability.

Also, all these AC bonuses. There's an awful lot of them, and since they all stack, and you've made no mention of them not applying when wearing armour, pretty soon your new class is going to be unstoppable. You should probably clear that one up right away, because it is very open to abuse.

Generally, there doesn't seem to be a lot of cohesion to the class abilities you've listed. You've got AC bonuses, initiative bonuses, and damage bonuses, mainly, as well as the weapon styles. It just seems like an awful lot of "overall" bonuses that apply at no cost. Granted, the character is ONLY going to be able to fight well, but I do think some revision of the abilities is needed. Maybe along the lines of having some of the bonuses oly apply to a single opponent at a time, or having some kind of Endurance or daily use limit on the more powerful abilities.