TravGen Software for MgT2

Hugh Foster

Ok, so i did a thing. Along time ago I wrote some software called Travgen, which creates MegaTraveller characters. People still use this 20 years on - ok, maybe mainly because it's charityware.

Now I'm running a campaign in MgT2 and have launched into a rewrite for that system.

My first instinct is to bash it on my site when it's done on the same basis (ie drop a quid in a charity box, i feel paid)

However, you guys have been really good to me on the customer service side and i do not want to upset the applecart.

What's your position on this? If you're not happy, I'll still make it, because im enjoying coding again and it'll be useful to me - but won't upload it. Let me know?



Staff member
Hey there,

Thank you for shouting out about this.

As things stand right now, we are not going to police fan websites, but I am afraid you cannot accept money for something like this under any terms - I know it sounds silly, but we have to apply the rules equally to everyone.

This kind of thing is something we are looking at though.