Traveller News - Books in Development


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We will have some news and goodies for you all in February and remainder of January (stay tuned!) but, looking further ahead, this is what we are currently working on:

The Field Catalogue: The first supplement for the Mercenary box set (Kickstarter coming in 2-3 weeks!), this book provides all the kit a merc company needs, including a weapons modification system...

The Third Imperium: Written, edited, and just waiting to be laid out, this is our first 'empire' book, covering everything you want to know about the Imperium and detailing Core sector.

Spinward Extents: Currently being edited, this is a circa 400 page sector book covering The Beyond and Vanguard Reaches (the sectors to the 'left' of the Trojan Reach.

Aliens of Charted Space, Volume 3: With Bwaps, Dolphins, Orca, Darrians and the Geonee. Half of this book is written and edited, just waiting for the last aliens to come in.

The Robot Handbook: Yup, it is on its way. Being written right now, expect to see this before year's end.


Cosmic Mongoose
These are all great news. Looking forward to seeing them hit up on the schedule - especially the Robots book.

I think the early part of the year ought too keep me busy with the Drinaxian Companion and the Deepnight campaign.