Trading corner of the Zocalo.


Hi all, after doing some inventory i've discovered i've over purchased Minbari.
So if anybody wants some Minbari and has ships to trade let me know.
The Minbari ships: 3 Sharlins, 4 Tinashi's, 2 Tigara's,2 Leshaths.
All ships are new,unassembled,with bases, all mongoose,( i think the two leshaths are B5 wars still in blister.)

Ships i am interested in: Narn, Dilgar,EA,Vree,Drazi,Abbai,Drakh, Pak Ma Ra and civilian.
I'm also open to trading for fleet action scale.

This offer is only open to forum regulars!
So if you have surplus ships and want some minbari, give me a message!
Thanks :D