Trade Goods on B5 ?


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I have recently purchased the rulebook and am considering a worker character, specifically a merchant. I have (roughly) planned to deal in food and drink. However if anyone has any knowledge of types of food and drink that they would indulge in I would be grateful.

Also I would question why Ms Ivanovna would have to grow her own coffee. Is it expensive to import? or does it not 'travel ' well in space?

It would appear that it is expensive to import, possibly partly due to storage considerations and quarantine procedures.
Other things I can see as being expensive are:

Fresh Orange Juice
Fruit of any kind
Eggs (I'm pretty sure garibaldi had to pull all sorts of strings just to get eggs to make an omlette or something like that in one of the episodes, the one where the doc has put him on a diet).
Pretty much any real food will be expensive as most of the food on B5 will from alternate or artificial sources (chemical or veggie).

There would be a wide range of crops grown on B5 which would contribute towards the food requirements of the station, but the emphasis would be upon basic, quick growing with high CO2 -> O2 processing capabilities.

Ivanova's coffee would probably taste sooo much nicer than the artifcial analogue, but let's face it, coffee has no nutritional value so growing it would be taking up valuable ground space that could be devoted to a food crop.

Livestock is a no-no in a space station environment due to the inordinate resource expenditure required relative to resources gained, so real meat (not synthetic) would be a highly sort after and hence pricey commodity.
Thank you for your replies. It appears that I will stay with bottled alcohol,sealed tinned food,whish I assume will have ringpull tops,rather than needing a tin opener.
I thought of chocolate and sweets also as I imagine they could be transported easily enough.

Of course now I need a gaming group.......

Depending on the destination, water may also be a valuable commodity :)

A large quantity of food would be synthesized from various proteins. You could find yourself dealing in soya. Think also about huge containers full of dried reconstitutable food.