Track and being followed


I’ve read the rules about tracking but how would it work if a traker is trying to track another,
I was just reading “the black stranger” and Pictured the Cimerian being tracked by a pict war party, both are great trackers

In the rules for tracking it mentions a penalty to the track DC if the followed is hiding his tracks but it does not take in to account the followed ability, it seems some kind of opposed check modified by conditions would be more appropriate
Any thoughts?


I would suggest that both parties make track skill rolls with all the normal modifiers...If the hunted party succeeds he has hidden his tracks too well. But the tracker can attempt another track attempt after about an hour, using the opposed roll as his difficulty as before.


don't know which book your tracking rule comes from. in "hyborias fiercest" (p.44) are "advanced tracking rules".

some points from it...

evading pursuers (survival check of the evader to set new dc for the survival tracking check of the follower)

laying false trails

walking in circles

altering footprint shape

and some rules for more information if you beat the DC as a follower by 5,10,15,etc