Tower of the Sun

Just wanted to remind people that if you're into Lone Wolf, then this is the site to go to:

Many of us are already over there, and are always eager to welcome newcomers to our growing community. Come on over, pick a class, buy some bor brew, and hang out with tons of other Lone Wolf fans.

Hopefully we'll see you over there

(I'm known as Cloe over there, by the way)
If anyone is interested I have just opened a scenario writing contest on Tower of the Sun, in the North Watch forum.

We have spaces for another 12 entrants and are also looking for another to join the panel of judges.

If you are interested check out
Just a reminder to all that the latest issue of the ressurected Rising Sun is available for download from the TOTS website.
join the towers today as a dwarven gunner of bor you know it makes sense for further detail please see the CALLING ALL BOR GUNNER thread on this very board 8)
Sigh I loved that site before - I tend to hang around on this one now, but I suppose I should go and either reactivate my account (if it hasn't been deleted) or make a new one.
Sadly, doens't look like it will come back without some new blood building a new one :(

WW, your account should still be active