Tourney at Comic Quest in Evansville Indiana

Is Friday good, or would you rather have the Tourney on a Sunday?

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Ok guys I was planning on running a Tourney at my home store in Evansville Indiana, and I want to know who would be interested in coming? The only Kicker is that right now its set for July 28th, thats a Friday, The Tourney would start at 10 AM, and end roughly at 6:20 Pm. Right now I want to see whose Interested. If we have enough interested people that can't make it friday, I will try and get it moved to maby Sunday the 30th. The Points value would either be 1500, or 2000, and we will be using the War Of The Species Rules. There is a slight fee, to be paid to the store. This fee is for use of the store, and to replace snacks bought, and for overhead. Once we get this Schedule thing straightened out, Thoes that Pre-register will only pay 3$, while thoes that Pay at the door will pay 5$. I find this to be reasonable, cause I have had to pay upwards of 10$ for a GW 40K tourney once or twice.
I've never heard of a tourny being held on a weekday. I imagine the only ones that could show up are those that work in retail and burnouts.
Guys I can try and get the game changed to sunday, but when you vote please at least post who you are.