Tournament Registration - July 16th


Staff member
Just to let you know, the places for the tournament are filling up nicely, and we already have a good spread of fleets (no more Hawkwood taking up half the slots!).

However, we are re-arranging our office somewhat, and we would like to know how many players are going to be there on the day. We have heard quite a few people say 'yes, I'll be there,' but we need you to confirm!

So, if you are planning to attend, please register and let us know which fleet you are bringing, and we'll make it a great day for you!

Oh, and while I am here, we'll have all sorts of pre-release items on sale from Fleets of the Fading Suns, and if you are interested in A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, you won't want to miss our preview...


I was really tempted but after going to the Walsall one this weekend, and realising it's twice as far to Mongoose HQ I just don't think it's on the cards at the minute, which is a shame as I know I have some claims to back up ;)