To any Mongooses around: B52E Ships!


I've just read the article in the new S&P - 2E is looking very interesting indeed! :D

The new take on space combat sounds good but I'd like to know what the new ships stats will look like.

Any chance of a preview??
(Not an Omega or anything grand, although that would be nice :D :D , a freighter would do!)

And will there be rules for converting the ships between the editions or will we have to wait for the "Ships of the Galaxy" book for that?


Anything I say here would be outdated fairly quickly, as we're co-ordinating stuff between B52E and Ships of the Galaxy. The new space combat system is based on that used in Wars, though, and the stat blocks are similar.
Ah well, it was worth a try!

Thanks for the quick reply anyway! :D


PS. I don't suppose anyone can tell me where I can find an example of a WARS ship? :wink: (apart from in the rulebooks! :lol: )