im pretty new to painting i can paint pretty well and dry brush but im just lookin for some color armour and texture tips like how to make colors just look more unique
How do you want them to lok more unique? I mean, what are you painting and what do you want it to loo klike. I.e, armour, flesh, leather, etc. What paints do you use?
You can't really make colours look unique as such. I suggest looking at someones models you consider 'good'. Attempt to work out how they have done certain things you want to mimic. Take a look at it under a magnifying glass if you have to. It also depends on what you paint, let alone what paint you are using. Most paints need bright colours, like red or yellow, to be built up from a lighter colour, like white. With red, I start at Brown then build up to red slowly with Highlights and layering (leaving only the darker, more shadowed areas showing). All I can really say is, remember, this is a model, not a canvas, you need to really exaggerate the shadows and highlights, if you dont it looks too flat and not 'realistic', although a neatly painted model, IMO is a well painted one. Also, read other peoples painting articles, I only got where I am now by reading and copying old GW painting guides. I wouldnt suggest their new book at all. I would suggest looking for the old 'eavy metal guide, but replacing the white undercoat with black (unless you like white undercoat, of course. I just find it hard to master).
thnx im just kinda looking for tips on higlighting and what colours to use before hand to bring it up better
what colours? Highlights are pretty easy. Dark colour, then add a slightly lighter tone, and keep bringing it up in Lines by adding more of a lighter colour, until you get a nice smooth blended look.
So using GW paints:
Dark flesh, 50/50 dark flesh and red gore, red gore, 50/50 red gore and blood red, blood red.

Basically, layer the colours until you get to the last tone, the last one you pick out the highest points.
Liche purple, followed by a mix of liche purple and white, then final highlights by adding more white.
add black?

To be honest, you need to try playing around. Just practice. Its mostly common sense. :)
Rob_alderman said:
To be honest, you need to try playing around. Just practice. Its mostly common sense. :)

Yup, digging out a few old cheap plastic minis you don't really want is always good for this :)