Tim Choate (Zathras) died last weekend


I heard this from the Claudia Christian Newsletter and had it confirmed by a quick search on IMDB.com.

Tim Choate died in a motorcycle accident on the 24th of September 2004.

CC newsletter said:
Hello everyone,

It is with great sadness that I pass this along to all of you. I just found out this morning that Tim Choate aka Zathras from B5 has died in a tragic motorcycle accident. There will be a trust fund set up for his young son. As soon as I find out that info, I will put it up on the links site so you can make donations if you like.

He was a personal friend of mine and was always nice to all the fans.


If/When I find out more about the trust fund I'll post it here.


"There are ten of you?"
"Yes! Uh, well, nine now."

"Zathras was quiet one in family."
It's a tragic loss for all the Babylon 5 community. :(

This year started off with great hope as many projects annouced the B5 revival, but now two great actors are gone. Their characters just cannot be recast, it would break something.

Long live the memory of Tim and Richard.
I gotta say that this is another loss. Goes to show that you never know what tomorrow may bring. So make sure that you LIVE your life and don't just let it pass you by.

Anyone know where we can send our condolences?
hear hear Dag.... sad day indead.. and yes it has been a sad year for B5 so far..... Zathras was a great character... my heart goes out to the family.... and to the Great Machine.... who lost a great Caretaker.... and im sure a great friend.......