Thoughts on Arms and equipment. Trolls and Elves


After browsing through arms and Equipment awhile I find for the most part its fairly well done but I do wish to make a few comments on it.
First for the Kukri I know chances are I am a minority of one on this but I prefer the term Kopus or Falcatta to Kukri. for those who dont know the Kopus was a cresent shape sword used by the ancient Greeks and Macedonians. Some have even claimed that the Kukri is a copy of the Kopus which was introduced into India by alexander the Great. The falcatta is a very similiar sword to the Kukri and Kopus that was used by the ancient Iberian and celts. The reason I prefer the term Kopus is too many people think of the Kukri as a weapon used only in India and dont know similiar swords where used through out the ancient world.
Now as for the Shillelagh. here I would prefer the term Warclub. The reason is I have always admired the artistic warclubs of the Native Americans of Eastern US/Canada and of the Maori. And always thought they should be a little better weapon than a table leg or random tree branch. And is really hard to see some bison rider using an Iroquis style warclub or the Aldrayami using a Maori style one?
for Armor I would like to add boars teeth helms. I plan on making them similiar to bone helms but without the +/- to influence. Unless the boars in question come from tusks/tuskriders. then I plan on doing it as a case by case basis.
Now for troll armor
First leather armor for trolls. I never read anywhere where th troll domesticated cows or other mammels, mostly they raise insect. and Beetle chitin not something you can make leather out of(back to chitin later)
but most insect spend more time as larva then as adult insect and at times the larva is much larger then the adult. and the skin of linsect larva is pliant and tough enough in most cases to make leather out of. Main difference would be that if the leather that came from some catepillers or such larva it could be very colorful and perhaps sell for a little more.
Now for chitin.Its been written befor that troll smith ,because they use fire, are often mistrust and thought to be sorcerers by other trolls. I feel that the charge of sorcery is right and one of the spells troll smith/sorcerers first learn is form/set chitin. I fell such armor would be similiar to scale mail for most things, but again it might vary because of species of beetle.
Now for aldryayami
Most of us old timers are familiar with Elf bark armor(similiar to leather) and I feel the elves would also make use of armor from wood.But they would grow it instead of carving it. And the protection the armor would provide would vary starting at 3 ap and going up with some rare hardwoods perhaps equal to plate or even better.But they also would not be grown overnight. and perhaps some of the Armor might even be alive like Elf bows are and require special attention