Those Damned Thieves!!!


Those Damned Thieves!!!

I still think Barbarians are the Conan game class by excellence but those damned Thieves are deadly!!!
If it wasn’t for improved uncanny dodge a Thief would be running Aquilonia and not a Barbarian :wink:

I’d like to start this thread just to get some thoughts on thieves and start priming the pump for “Hyborea’s Fallen”

There’s several threads on thieves and I’ve seen other classes covered pretty thoroughly on the forum (who could forget “Barbarian vs Soldier”) and would like to do the same for the Thief Class, any Thief vs ideas? Any feat killer combo for Thief (or pirate)

Man there’s some deadly feat combinations for sneak attacks..or maybe I’m reading them wrong but….
Greater feint- Whirlwind attack!!!
Greater feint- Whirlwind attack- Brutal Attack!!!!

I’ll start throwing more thieves in the game :twisted:

Who needs monsters when you have Thieves!!!!
I'll give you one good combat maneuver for thieves, though it comes until +12BAB, which means 16th level for a single classed thief: Quck draw two weapn bluff from Hyboria's Fircest.

You have learned hoe to feign that your fighting style revolves around only one weapon, drawing the off hand weapon at an oportune time to completely surprise your opponent.

Prerequisites: dex19+, BAB+12, bluff 5+, improved feint, quick draw, two weapon fighting. I would add improved two weapon combat for a thief, so gets more sneak attacks.

Circumstance: you must be wielding a weapon in your primary hand but nithing in your off hand.

Effect: attempt a feint following the usual feint rules except as follows. if the bluff check succeeds, you may immediately draw a light weapon with your off-hand as a free action. the opponent looses his ability to parry or dodge for one full round, starting the moment you draw it.

You could use it like this to benefit the most: since the improved feint is a move action, you could wait to make the feint until the end of the round, even if you won initiative, probably taking total defence that round or attacking normally and then feinting, so the feint comes at the end of the round, so you get a full round of sneak attacks the next one with your off hand. This is why you would like to take improved two weapon combat.

It looks far in the future for a lower level thief, but worth it for the ones that survive.
This might be a little off topic, but the intention of Belkregos was to talk about thieves here, so:

When can we expect the upcoming book on thieves and pirates? Is that still far in the future? Has the name of the book been released? Hyboria's Fiercest was a great name for the savage and wild classes. It's very inspiring, and the material presented there is great. Can't wait to see what that book will bring. I understand the books have been finished, by Mr Darlage's comments on other threads. Congratulations again Vincent.
I think it will be released around December, but I may be wrong.

It is called Hyboria's Fallen and features pirates, thieves and temptresses - all the people who live outside the rules 'civilised' people try to impose on others, the people society fears the most. They are the shadows cast by the light of society's laws.