The Zocalo & Other Thoughts


I noticed "The Zocalo" being scheduled for Sept 2004. I also noticed that the B5 Companion book is no longer on the schedule. What I would really like to see is a "B5 RPG & Fact Book, Second Edition", which would have expanded chapters on the Zocalo & Down Below. I would also like to see the "Signs & Portents" chapter as a separate book, just like the other "year" books, the format of those books are great with the personalities chapter and the "galaxay of" episode chapter. You should also publish a large wall poster map like the one on pages 146/147 in the main book.
Well, before Mongoose publish a 2nd edition of the B5 core book, they have to finish the run of all the other projected books + the advanced space combat box set. So a 2nd edition should appear somewhere near 2007.
I more or less agree - we don't need a second edition yet. However, we are reprinting the main rulebook at the moment (sold out!). No new material, so don't panic, though we have corrected the odd mistahe - nothing that cannot be found in the FAQ though.
Sold out? Thats good to hear.

So, the Zocalo book, whats this? A guide to the places on B5 or something else?
From what I know the Zocalo book is supposed to be more equipment and possibly some location details.

Oh and I'm glad to hear that the book is being printed again and the mistahes are out of the book and on the message board. :wink:
The Zocalo is 75% equipment book (something people have been bugging us for ever since B5 came out!), part location (the entire Zocalo is discribed) and part market/black market guide to B5.

We have considered a giant B5 location book, describing the station from stem to stern, though that will likely be a year or two away for now. Lots of exciting things coming up for B5 in 2005 first!
Oh... That sounds like a great book. I can't wait.

I'll need it, my LGS is still waiting for the Narn book to show up! :(