The Villian

Arkobla Conn

What type of villian are you going to have on a reoccuring basis? How are you planning on introducing him/her?

I have an idea with the media res concept in mind.

The PC's begin an early scenario where they are fighting in a battle. Hundreds of warriors are in full melee when a bright flash of light sears through the group, starting in the left corner and ending in the far right (where the PC's are located). Those is the left are dead (marred, burned, something really bad) while the results weaken as they come towards the PC's corner where most live. A white flag goes up and one side surrenders to another. Rumors abound on what happened, but I may not allow the full name of the scholar to be released. It'll be another adventure where they find who was responsible.

Each adventure will provide direct or indirect references until they finally meet the guy.