The Sommerswerd - and The King of Sommerlund



Okay, this one's been causing me headaches since I first read it in Book 2 " Fire on the Water" back when I was a kid.

The description of the Sommerswerd says, "If anybody who is not a Kai Lord uses it in combat, it's powers fade."

Then we learn that the Sommlending King slew Vashna at it at the Battle of Moytura.

Then we learn that Sun Eagle fought at that Battle, and afterwards becomes the first Kai Lord.... :shock:

Anybody ever hear a good explanation for this?
As an attempt at a short explanation: When the Sommerlending-to-be sailed across the Northern Void and came to the Lastlands, some of them were imbued with extraordinary powers by the god Kai. You probably could compare that to the "Force Sensitivity" of the Jedi of Star Wars (here I go again :wink:) - at least here that comparison should serve.

Up to the battle at the Maakengorge, there were of course no Kai lords, but there were Sommerlending that had the potential, i.e., "they were strong in the Force". It can be assumed that the King was one of them, and that the Sommerswerd also (in a pinch? :D) accepts those who are only latent Kai lords ...