The Robert Jordan Conan Novels


Friends, I've been wondering if it is worth obtaining the plethora of Conan novels written by Robert Jordan (there are plenty, from what I've seen). Has anyone read these books and are they worthy of having the name Conan on them?

Also, has any Mongoose material ever been based on anything written in the Jordan books?
I really have to say that RJ did a great job with the conan series. HE actually come back to writing Conan and give up the tree devouring uber-boring Called the Wheel of Time (Actually books 1-3 were pretty good.)
RJ had a good grasp of conan, specifically the subtle use of magic, use of humans and demons, and great way of keeping things suspenseful.

As for Mongoose, well the Road of Kings has many references to places and people as well as the Shadizar Sourcebook (Thanks Vincent D.).