The Robert E Howard Comics Discussion Group


As it's not really a subject to cover here but there is obviously interest in the new Conan stuff I hope this is OK to post


I would like to invite you to join a Robert E Howard e-mail Yahoo group I've
just set up.

This group is dedicated to the characters created by Robert E Howard that have appeared
in comic book form from Marvel Comics , Dark Horse Comics and Cross Plains
Comics .

Now with the launch of the new Conan Dark Horse series by Kurt Busiek , Cary
Nord and Dave Stewart a new dawn of seeing Robert E Howard's characters in
comic books may be on the horizon . Hopefully , if this is a success Kull ,
Solomon Kane etc. may return too .

Although I'm sure names such as DeCamp , Carter , Schwarzenegger , Milius
etc. may crop up at times I very much hope that more importantly members
will find the "real " Howard through his work that's now appearing through
Wandering Star , Del Rey , Wildside Press and Gollancz , as well as
magazines , articles etc. put out by those in Howard fandom.

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