The Rangers


When I recently saw a few of the B5 D20 books on the shelf (just a few days ago) at our friendly RP store, I jumped on them instantly. Seeing the D20 logo just encouraged me more as I am a keen follower of the SWRPG D20 system. Lets just say I am about to stack up many financial numerical values on the order page! B5 D20 - oh yeah!

I would like to know if there are plans on The Rangers source book? Everything from items and equipment, training, levels, history and culture and all matters pertaining to the ranger cast and cause?

Both the Ranger and the Technomage source book I would LOVE to see fully decked out with every iota of these two factions our blessed lord JMS bestowed apon us :lol:

Perhaps something lone the lines of "Powers of the Jedi" source book from "that other D20 system" < *cough* > as it covers the specific skills, cross classes, equipment, philosophy, matrial arts and all new feats/skills.

Keep up the great work!

p.s. How about some Dice sets for each species and/or faction? :shock:
if i remember correctly from what matt had said in the past we have to wait till the 3rd season book for the specific Presitge class or regular class for the Ranger. but they will be explained in more detail in the Minbari Sourcebook.. but my mind is such swiss cheese these days I may be wrong. but im pretty sure im right
KamokaziUK said:
That would make a lot of sense, seeing that the rangers were only in the 2nd season for only a brief moment.

Personally, I believe they belong more in the Minbari book than in the 3rd season. Because they are a BIG part of Minbari culture. But what's done is done. And besides, if they can actually fill an entire book with non-ranger Minbari information, that's alot of yummy informatio to be had.
I think the Rangers should get their own book, and perhaps it could be tied in with a published scenario or two. That would be nice.
I believe that at one point there was mention of details on the Rangers as they have been for the thousand years since Valen will feature in the Minbari Sourcebook. However, I would expect this to be Minbari only, and more towards the info side than the combat side shown by the new rangers
from what i know there will be an explination in the Minbari book but the PRC will end up in the season 3 book.. and id imagn they will put out a ranger book later probably with a full blown class... or maby itll stay a PRC... but id imagn they are going to do the same thing they did with the Techno Mage..