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I'm attempting to run a Conan campaign for the first time.

I've ran the first session, it was a bit abreviated but the players said they liked where it was going and that it definately had a "Conan-y feel".

I thought I'd post my thoughts here for your ideas and feedback......
Please toss out any ideas, changes or suggestions!!

the campaign is called
the set-up was that the players were conscripted into the greater Aquilonian army and found themselves in the company of Bossonian Pikemen knick-named "Brotherhood of Wolfe" for their captain - a Cimmerian by the name of Captain Hadrian Wolfe.
The Captain was a good strong man to the company but always wanted to be free. When the time came they found themselves in the Bossonian Marches as some of the only left living from a large battle of the Aquilonian and Zingaran armies.
Captain Wolfe took his chance and offered his dwindling company (80-100 men) to come with him toward the coast and Messantia.
On this trip many men seperated for their own causes, the rest were being followed by Aquilonian commanders for treason.
Just under 40 men were left when they entered the foothills of the Rabianan Mts. in the place called "the Little Wilderness".

THIS is where our tale (game) began.

This story would be called:
Chapter I - "Degrees of Seperation"

The players (a Stygian sorceror, a Nemedian Barbarian, & a Zingaran Theif) found themselves RUNNING in the dark. They'd been running for an hour, following the Companies camp being decimated by something only described as canine - although none of them saw it...

As they stopped for breath they could still hear it on the wind whipsering: "weeeennnddiiiigoooooooooo"..... They slowed to see a few of the 40 men stumble with them out of the darkness. Three men; one cut heavily by the talons of the beast, his older brother aiding him, and the older warrior of the company.

The Nemedian smelt the air and directed the remainders toward the Warhorse River (some 10 miles east, the Thunder Rive being ~40 miles west)... They ran and ran but the Stygian and the wounded boy couldn't keep up. Then a boon of luck.

They ran into a cabin - a fortified cabin with palisades and moat... broken but fortifiable they took refuge. The Zingaran scouted to hear whispers just beyond the treeline and then turning to see the rotting flag atop the cabin... two blue wave lines on a field of gold - identifying the small cabin/fort as a Zingaran Crossbow (name? Aba...) fort. Although run down and perhaps abbandoned....

Quickly inside the Stygian looked to the boys arm... The older warrior had also had a similar injury but refused aid right away. The would cut as a lupine or canine claw and throbbed with a blue-pus, seeping into the boy's veins. With his knowledge of medicine the Stygian aided the boy and he lay with fever for the night.

Once inside they noticed something odd... the cabin had two rooms - the large dining room area and a smaller bedroom. The bedroom had nice but broken desk, chest, and feather bed - the Stygian learned that this was possibly last used by a Bossonian by the name of Prometio as he found the papers from the Aquilonian King Conan. These papers explained to the Stygian that this group were "the Rangers" on the boarder marches protecting Aquilonia from the Zingarans and Picts.
In the dining room the Zingaran searched to see if any creature or person had been trapped in this cabin - because they had quickly learned the room had been plastered with mud to form NO right angles, the Stygian believed this to be a ward to hold something in or perhaps out... The bedroom was not protected the same.

The older warrior took the bedroom and the feather bed beckoning the Stygian to tend to his wounds now... His wounds were not as fresh, having been raked down the ribs and across the back. This put fear and suspicion in the Stygian and the group watched the guarded and locked door of the old warrior as they slept safe...

Waking up in the morning the Nemedian saw the area around the moat to the treeline was covered not only with the frost - but with the dismembered body parts of the remainder of the company!!
Not telling the others he listened to the door into the bedroom... Hearing nothing but seeing a mist flow out from the bottom crack they determined that the old man was either DEAD or CONTROLLED by the demons, either way they were ready to break in...

On entry a blue myst pushed out into the room, quick thinking the Stygian used his sorcery to push the myst back in the room... Being heavier than air the myst swirled and sank inward as they peered in to see the shell of the old warrior.
With only the Stygian remaining he looked in to see as if the man had been broken through from the inside out. His veins blue and crawling up the wooden walls, his skin frosted over and bluish...

Outside the others found themselves amid the carnage... Sickened and issuing an oath to avenge their fallen brothers they waited for the Sorceror...

Inside the Stygian saw within the mass a necklace on the body... Reminding him only of the Heart of Ahriban (sp?) he knew that it could be a shared - as he also knew that the Sorceror known as Hadrathas had been in this part of the land only a few months prior (from Hour of the Dragon). He couldn't resist - and he stole it off the body, not telling the others...........

Later - heading for the Warhorse River following tracks found by the Nemedian of a large canine walking on two legs... the group came to a sheer stop... Another fortress, similarly moated and flying the same golden flag. But this was a fortress built for 100+ men...
And from the palisades called down to them a woman.
Soon she ran out to greet them all....
Behind her they could see 20, 30, 40, maybe more beautiful women within the fortress... And the woman known as PARIS offered them rest, for her master Promethio would not be home for days....

and that's where we ended...

any questions or thoughts??
I'll spill some of my background if anyone's interested.