The Mists of Ravenloft


Here I am with the Lone Wolf book and no group to play it with (nobody is interested, yet.). So I'm thinking of having my ravenloft group come across a domain that is taken from the pages of LoneWolf. I think its doable. Anybody have any thoughts?
By domain do you mean a magamund like place? Or something taken from the gazeteer? OFcourse its doable, however, keep in mind your players will still have standard dnd classes. Unless they take core lw d20 class, it will be hard for them to get the feel of magamund.

On the other hand, if lw is completely alien to them, this could serve as a gentle introduction. Heck, if they are familiar with darksun, and if you throw psychic using beasties from lw d20, they may actually think they are in darksun, until you prove otherwise. ;)
Could happen, I guess, most likely as a dark corner of the Daziarn or something. That could work, given how the Crystal Star and others, presumably, use the Daziarn as a prison.

Personally, I wouldn't do it, but hey, there's an idea for how you could do it. Your Darklord could be Agarash, or maybe the Chaos-master. Or some unseen entity...
I see that Ravenloft is desperate for candidates.

If I remember he was the High Born of Amory, that pesky noble that bugs you in book 6. I always considered him a bumbling villian. His necromantic summoning backfires, he picks on old men, he can only win when he tricks you with squad of men behind him or you walk into his hometown.

All in all a Bumbling Villian he is. I always got the mental image that when the Darklords invaded his homeland they would use him as thier slave toy.
Well, we don't really know his history, do we? Every time we meet him, we find out what he's like now. Book 6: now he's a "highborn" of Amory, a necromancer, and a jerk. Book 10: now he's a Cener Druid and a servant of the meanest dog in Aon. Book 19: now he's a killer ghost. Who you gonna call? However, if we give him a tragic history, preferably something better than the "bad seed" theory, then we can develop him into an excellent Darklord.
Was browsing the Elder Threadi - err, older threads when I (once again) found this one ...

That thought about recreating Amory as a domain looks damn good, as far as I'm concerned! Maybe that's just because of the fascination the Cener Druids seem to hold for me, but the thought of that small realm, lying in the shadow of the Cener Mountains, plagued by a dreaded cult of druids and ruled by a lord who is at least in league with said druids and serves a powerful demon lord ... Damn, were I playing Ravenloft I would definitely go for that! :twisted:

Of course, a lot depends on which background is your primary one, Aon or the AD&D multiverse, as the "cosmologies" are more or less incompatible. The Demiplane of Dread has no real place in Aon (one could place it somewhere in the Daziarn or the Plane of Darkness, of course, but without the other campaign worlds like Faerûn, Krynn, Athas etc., some part of Ravenloft would be missing), but you could certainly add a Magnamund-like world into the AD&D multiverse. (Only in that case certain characteristics of Magnamund would get lost, i.e. parts of the cosmology. No place for the Daziarn, for example.)

BTW: For more on Roark, maybe a look at the novel The Lorestone of Varetta might help to flesh him out. I haven't read the novel myself so far, but a reliable source told me that this novel were not only the best of the Legends of Lone Wolf, but also a quite good fantasy novel on it's own. (He who told me that doesn't like most of the other Legends novels, so that's quite a statement, I suppose ...)

Paido, who wouldn't add Ravenloft to a Lone Wolf game, but the other way round ... that would be tempting! :D
The Lorestone of Varetta doesn't expand him that much, I'm afraid. He supposedly helped plan the siege of Tekaro, and stole a few purses; that's it.