The Lumati


Well. I found a small write up of the Lumati in "The Coming of the Shadows", which frankly, I was pretty disappointed with.
There was no differentiation between the High caste Lumati and the Low caste, despite a fairly obvious difference on the show itself, and the implication that such differences were much more than a mere matter of individual variance. (both characters were, after all, played by humans. with the same, um, "attribute modifiers" at chargen, or so we're told.)

Being both a systems purist (and therefore not wanting to just rewrite the species to fit my personal view of it) but wanting a bit more detail, a bit more flavor for the Lumati, since they will be a major part of my B5 campaign, should it actually get off the ground this time, I'm looking at some home rules, and for more source materials.

For starters, I'm thinking about portraying the difference between the casts by allowing the High Caste characters to roll stats as 2D6+5, either for all stats or for just the "physical" stats, or perhaps on a "pick three" basis. High Caste characters will automatically have at least one or more "henchmen", ancillary characters from the Low Caste, which will have 2D6+1 for stats. (reflecting whichever option I wind up going with for the High Caste above)

High Caste Lumati would HAVE to have at least a -4 modifier to Sense Motive and Diplomacy rolls for species that they have not yet established parity with. I see them as being so hide-bound and tied to their own traditions that even after establishing direct interaction with another species, the High Caste will have a -2 penalty. Reflecting the fact that they just don't understand alien cultures and generally aren't willing to try.

I'd vary the Low Caste favored profession to Worker, for the general masses. Perhaps give them something like the Facilitator type profession from "Serving the House" (which I've yet to receive, so I can only speculate at the moment).

Anyway! Does anyone know where or if there is more info on the Lumati out there...somewhere?
In the Galaxy Guide?
In write ups for Babylon 5 Wars?

any suggestions?
Aramanthus said:
Hopefully there will be more in the Galacitic Guide, when it comes out next week.

There is, but only fluff text for the Lumati, not actual game mechanic for them. However a lower caste Lumati would probably be the result of bad stat rolls IMHO.

SOrry, there are also stats for the Lumati home world and 2 outlying colonies/systems.

Not just fluff, I meant just fluff re the caste issue.