The Fiery Trial - Supplementary Information?


I am wondering if, beyond the adventure material, does the Fiery Trial have any sourcebook or rules supplementary information. Something that hasn't already been covered in the sourcebooks.

Of course, being the completeist that I am, I will eventually pick up this adventure, but generally adventures are on low priority - I have too many soucebooks to catch up on as it is.

I am just curious to see what information I may be missing in the book


El Cid

Yes it does.

I don't have my book in front of me but from my memory it has:

1. a EA Pinacle. A civilian ship that is atmospheric cnan handle passangers and some freight. No weapons.

2. The Freestate. A space station where anyone can go and anything might be found for purchase.

3. Details on a raider warship which is an upgraded fast freighter.

4. Some info on the Llort, Drazi and a primitave world and its race.

5. Info on a small bar on B5.