The Far Star, Can We Have A Download Please?


Is there a chance we can get a download schematic of the Far Star? The ship will be the PCs ship for the rest of the Ragged Edge and beyond, it would be very usefull to have a download, thanks

YES! I declare this Sixth-ed!

(And maybe a miniature too? OK, so I already converted one for my game, but still, an official "mongoose adventures" miniature set could be nice... with the FarStar from "The Ragged Edge", the Athena from "The Athena Strain", the Shuttle from "The Cold Equations", the "Liberty's Fortune" from "The Fiery Trial" and maybe a set of shuttles and small freighters (the "Lightbringer" from S&P-15 comes to mind) from several major races...

And while we're at it... I mentioned it before, I'll do so again now:
Why not also put up a downloadable "Map Pack" for each supplement? It would make things much easier, especially for those GM's who like tactical combat in their games (which also becomes more and more likely as more 25-mm miniatures are released - I could easily see a bunch of my "Harlequin-made" character miniatures fight a running battles with the "Mongoose-made" Narn Warriors on a map printed by my inkjet...)
And if this were made, why not have the maps as edit-able "jpg" files? That way a GM could use his graphic skills to "fill out" the less-detailed maps to his liking... and then submit them back to Mongoose, who could make the best maps available to the general public again!
And not only the maps from published supplements - I for one would really like to have the map of the "Lightbringer" from Signs&Portents-15 too!
Oh... go on then.

PDF of the Far Star schematic is up, along with The Cold Equations' shuttle schematic.

Exterior shots will take more time, but we'll see what we can do.

Minis... really not my department, but I severely doubt it. They just wouldn't be cost-effective. More's the pity.
ShadowScout said:
the Athena from "The Athena Strain"

I've always had a conversion project (and an ACTA scenario) in mind for this one, lemme see if I can cycle it into my schedule somewhere :)

(Even though I would have preferred the ship plan as JPG or GIF file, so I can attempt to fill the unsightly green spaces with some ship-corridor-like grafix...)

Now... what about the other maps? I'd especially like the Lightbringer and all those nice maps from "The Cold Equations", as well as all other maps as editable files...