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Babylon 5 Second Editions first official adventure The Cold Equations written by Gareth Hanrahan.

The softbound cover (well its actually faily durable cardstock) as you can see is in the new starburst format with the new logo and a picture of a psi corp fleet. The adventure weighs in at the standard 32 page length.

Speaking of the pages they are a thin but high quality glossed paper withvery nice borders on the page corners and although the pages have watermark images that some people find annoying let me assure you the images are very faint and in no way make seeing the text difficult. The text is broken into the usual justified two column affair and the header fonts used are appropriate to the series.

The adventure is designed for 1st level characters and can be used as either a stand alone adventure or better yet as the first of a two part story, which is carried on in the later released "Ragged Edge".

Cold Equations is set during the start of 2259, at the start of the second season (during the events of "Points of Departure") to be precise.

The adventure opens with the group escaping from a doomed passenger liner en route to Babylon 5 in an escape pod along with a few colourful and somewhat shady strangers.

I won't go into too much detail about the adventure as I don't want to spoil the surprise, and it is afterall and adventure not a sourcebook so keeping the details of things concerning the story to a minimum is kinda important as players as well as GM's read these threads.
But suffice it to say the Title says it all and there are plenty of hard choices to be made as well as intrigues on the go.. You will be forced to choose your allies carefully, and be wary of everyone. Failing to do so could well mean the difference between your survival and your demise.

The book itself is broken into the following chapter
All Alone
Welcome to Babylon 5

This adventure is a great way to kick off 2nd edition, it has some interesting players and some contacts that the characters can take out of the adventure and used as possible hooks for future endeavours and intrigues. With the exception of the Minbari you have run in's with members of most of the major species and some of the minor and even have contact with some of the power groups of the bab 5 universe, though which is largely down to the choices you make during the adventure.
As I've mentioned above this adventure works well either as a stand alone (and provides plenty of hooks you can take in whatever directions you yourself decide).. OR as the starting point for an epic, that is completed in Ragged Edge the equally enjoyable second adventure, which will be released soon also.

No gaping flaws im pleased to say the adventure does what it says on the tin quite well.

Overall this is a great way to kick off your second edition antics, and the production quality for this adventure is noticably high.

Visually 8 out of 10, I would have given this a near perfect 9 but the one thing that was missing for me was head and shoulder type pictures of the adventures NPC's...not something everyone would consider necessary but I like my visual stimuli as does my group.
I should also make special note regarding the maps in this adventure by Iordanis Lazaridis, they are top notch! Far batter than any maps you will have seen in first edition books..and full colour to boot.

Content 8 out of 10, very good, the adventure builds on an old theme (been a few movies based around the basic concept even) and allows the group to dip thier feet into the powder Keg that is the B5 universe in a good way.

Structure 9 out 10, Excellant, the adventure is structured in an easy to use way, as noted the maps provided are relevant and good quality, also all the information you need to know is provided so the necessity to flick back and forth or look in other books is kept to a minimum.

Overall 9 out of 10, Excellant way to start your second edition adventures and one you'll be glad you bought. This adventure marks a noticeable increase in presentation quality for the B5 line that Im sure everyone will approve of.
Really looking forward to this. How easy would it be to modify for established characters?
Eryx said:
Really looking forward to this. How easy would it be to modify for established characters?

Depends on thier levels really, but mostly just a matter of increasing npc levels, DC's of checks etc..

You may also need to do a little bit of creative thinking to explain thier involvement in the adventure if any of the players are members of established militaries.

but nothing that isn't beyond the scope of usual GM activities.

There is an adventure coming out later in the year, the Final Flight of Santiago, which only works with its pregenerated PCs, but Cold Equations/the Ragged Edge can be used with pretty much any characters.
It was consciously written to give as much of an intro to the B5 universe as possible, so it's heavily tied to the setting. You could convert the first section of the module easily enough, but the latter parts are really B5 specific. Something like the Athena Strain would be a better bet for conversion, I'd say.
all of the map insets are very nice and full color, and even have square grids...but none are scaled. I'm interested in using these maps with minis, does anyone know if there is a map scale intended for any of them?