The Battle for the City (Battle Report)

5.56 Surgeon

The players in my area got together and made a city board to run a game on. Looks like Beirut after getting bombed to hell and back, very nice.
3000 points on a terrain heavy 8 by 4 board.

The board was Deep Defense

MI (Delay)
PL 2
Lt in Ape Marauder with twin Hel Infantry Flamers and SICON Military Intelligence
1 NCO with Shock Stick
1 Squad with Twin 50. micro support weapon, 2 Javelins and 2 Pee Wee nukes
1 Squad with Scythe Laser cannon, 2 Javelins, 2 Pee Wees and Drop Pods
2 Squads with Wasp Packs.

4 Squads and 1200 points of Nukes. Not the list I drew up, but as I was very late getting to the game due to work, I soldiered through.

Bugs (Overrun)
PL 3
1 Brain
1 Thorny Tanker
2 Tankers
4 squads of Warriors w/ Carrion upgrades (Hate these little bastards)
2 squads of Ripplers
1 squad of Firefrys
1 squad of Blasters
1 Mantis Assassin
1 Infiltrator bug

Needless to say we were heavily outnumbered, but what else is new.

MI deploy first and go first.

Turn 1
With only the Lt, the NCO and one Javelin Squad set up, we were facing a wave of bugs. And the Infiltrator was set up behind our position, but we never really worry about him, most games see him killed by either the MI or on one spectacular misfire, by the enemy Plasma. :D

But we can see the Thorny tanker, so we nuke it. Bye bye.
The Infiltrator takes this opportunity to reveal itself. The twin 50 and the Morita troopers open up on a squad of bugs, but due to cover, are merely pushed back. The Infiltrator take the opportunity to charge and eat a Javelin trooper, but not the one that still has a nuke. Seeing death loom out of the corner of his eye, the remaining Javelin troopers goes "EEP!" and nukes a squad of warriors out of shear panic. If he's going down, he doesn't plan on going alone. The Infiltrator procceds to eat him at this point.
The Lt jumps and blows away a warrior with a Holepunch missile, and fires the Triphammer, but doesn't accomplish much.

After the Infiltrator eats the second Javelin trooper, it heads upstairs and bags the NCO, who manages to parry the first blow rerolling to a one, but is killed on the second strike.
Warriors advance, the Brain Shields and ruptures the Lt, we roll off and both score a 2. Oh happy day, Wait! Enhanced Rupture. The Brain rerolls and gets a 5, 3 hits of the Lt, and thank God for the Ape.
Meanwhile, as the Infiltrator is having lunch, the remain troopers are readying.

Turn 2

The remaining troopers jump to street level, shooting at the Infiltrator on the way down, and miss horribly. The Lt blows another warrior to pieces with a missile, but can't do squat after that. The squad readys.

Plasma walks on the short edge of the bugs deployment zone, while on the long edges, Blasters come in on one side, while a Tanker a squad of warriors and the Firefrys come in on the other.
Firefrys jump and roast the Lt with flame, while they lose one to reaction fire from the troopers on the street.

Air Phase

We rolled of and the Bugs go first. Ripplers inbound, but they hang around the Plasma, for all the good it does.
Drop capsules come screaming in, ignoring fire from the ripplers, and dropping inside of the Plasma's range.
At which point we have a long argument about weather or not they remain as air units till the end on the round or not, because the Bug player wanted to use AA fire from the readied Plasma. Turns out it was a moot point because after some reading today I found out that my guys weren't in the Plasma's rear fire arc anyway.
But they make it in safely. :D

Turn 3

Ready jump! And double nuke the shielded Plasma Brain combo. Which led to a scream from the bug player again about firing nukes while using special movement. And as it turns out, direct firing two Pee Wees is a touch of overkill, one did the trick just fine. Should have saved the other one for the Tanker over yonder towards my deployment zone, but the MI suffer from bad dice rolls, so what the hell. BOOM! Goodnight, and good fight. The Brain and Plasma are out of here.
Wasp troopers deploy in our zone, to keep it free of the rowdies. And manage to kill three Blasters, and piss off the rest.

Even with one action and no reactions for a turn, the bugs did well for themselves. Firefrys finished of my original squad on the street, while acid Ripplers killed all but 3 troopers in the bug deployment zone. A Mantis Assassin took care of 2 more while the remaining Javelin trooper ran like hell.
Warrior, Blasters and the Tank continue on into the MI deployment zone. The Blasters killing three of the ten Wasps.

Turns 4

With the remaining Javelin trooper out of command he's rather screwed, but he holds on. The wasps push back or kill several Blasters.

Amazed at the staying power of the MI, the Ripplers try and try to kill the lone trooper in their zone, but a flurry of misses and three saves (6's) manage to keep the little Pvt alive.
Meanwhile, the Warriors, Tank and now Firefrys advance, while the Blisters attempt to deal with the Wasps.

Turn 5

The Wasps manage to finish of the Blasters, but can't do a thing to Carrion Warriors, or the Tank and the Firefrys are out of range.

Frustrated with the Pvt the Ripplers have failed to kill, the bugs send in their last Tanker to deal with this non threat. And the tanker proceeds to promptly burn him to ash.
And again Warriors and the rest advance, while the Mantis reaches the end of the bug zone.

Turn 6

Didn't happen, the remaining bugs couldn't get to the Wasps, but the Wasps couldn't hurt them and only the Mantis could get into the no mans land between the deployment zones. So we called it quits and started on the math.

Even with the nukes, the MI lost by merely 200 points. Makes me wish I had nuked that one Tanker after all. But a good fight all around.

I will post the pictures if I can manage to get my hands on them.
By any chance, did anyone take photos of the board or the game as you were playing? I'll be sneaking out a few "teaser pics" of some urban structures that I've been making up. I'm using an interesting variety of source materials to construct them out of, so it should be interesting. If you don't have any pics of the board, maybe sometime in the future could you fetch us a look-see? :wink: . I'm nearly done with my buildings, and some of these can stand over three feet high (!), due to modular fitting of many units. I kind of like the fact that I can make low stacks of buildings or go to skyscrapers with the same models. Sort of like being able to fight either in the outskirts or in the metropolis area. I hope you get a definitive ruling on your rules question, even though that might change with the Evo rules being in playtest and all...
Ah, edit here that I missed the remark that you were looking for the pics, sorry. I enjoyed the play-by-play, too.
Nice report. Thanks

But I'm confused about the infiltrator in the 1st MI turn.
I didn't think they could react until revealed so surely he couldn't reveal during the MI turn. And since he had to setup more than 10" from an enemy, how was he able to react at all either on the first nuke or first wave of Morita fire? Or am I missing something about infiltrators?
You're right, Mr. Benn. The infiltrator reveals by taking a ready action, which means that it can only do so during the bug players turn. The other thing that I found confusing was the Lt. firing a Holepunch. According to the force list, he was in an Ape; an Ape does not mount a Javelin missile launcher. And even if he was in a Chickenhawk, he would not be able to jump and fire.

Other than that a good report. :D
1. Yeah the camo bug has to use a ready action to reveal itself, however, it can do this as a reaction. And it can start inside of 10 inchs, but cannot enter command range, or else the MI can shoot it.

2. No, the Ape doesn't get a Javilin, but it always seems like we use it during games, I dunno maybe wishful thinking on our part.

3. No pictures as the guy with the camera still hasn't gotten them to me.
5.56 Surgeon said:
1. Yeah the camo bug has to use a ready action to reveal itself, however, it can do this as a reaction. And it can start inside of 10 inchs, but cannot enter command range, or else the MI can shoot it..

No, actually it can't do either of these things. The last line of the Imposter special rule reads "While the infiltrator bug remains as an imposter, it may only take Move actions and cannot react to enemy actions." Since the only reaction that it can make is to Move, it can not use a ready action to reveal itself. And from the same rule "It is deployed after all enemy models have been placed on the table before the start of the game and is placed anywhere on the table as long as it starts more than 10" away from any enemy. It may not be attacked until it has either revealed itself or is within the command range of the enemy (usually 6")."
Sounds like you guys just got the rules backwards; easy enough to do.

Besides, the bugs won and that's all that matters. :wink: :lol: