The Athena Strain

More likely to be done as a Crusade campaign, I'd guess...

Darn it if I didn't have such a backlog I'd be writing a S&P proposal from reading that :)
I didn't say anything then, and I'm not saying anything now.

I'm sure Mongoose will put up some details in time, and then everyone can go buy it and we'll all know just exactly what it is.
Poor Satai, still suffering from a fiscally constrained collection?

You have my sympathy.

NO I actually have caught up :D With the books that I want .The Galatic Guide is first on my buy list .The glorious joy of going on a buying binge of tax refunds.
Congratulations. Nice to know you sdpend your unexpected windfalls on something sensible and important!

OOC, what books did you decide you didn't want?

Please educate us all. We'd all like to know too. I just need The Galactic Guide to complete my collection. I'm looking forward to getting that one in my grasp! :)
I'll be picking up Wheel Of Fire on Saturday and then my collection will be complete (and then some).

£350 on RPG books and counting (Same again and more on ACTA)