The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

I just noticed this over at the official Conan website. Sorry if its been brought up before, but the premise looks pretty cool. I'm always interested in seeing stories from the Hyborian Age... even some that don't include our favorite sullen eyed slayer.

The Legend of Kern is due out this summer!

More info here:

Shemites Can't Be Trusted!
I'm more interested in these than an average pastiche. With so many tales about Conan, its hard enough to fit it into a sinsible timeline, without considering additional sources.

Red Sonia and these other novels on the other hand, give us a chance to see other elements of the Hyborian Age previous closed to us from the viewpoint of a Cimmerian Barbarian.

Especially looking forward to the book about the Priest of Set. :wink:
I wonder how these will be. Has anyone read anything by these authors before?

I've read some of Knaak back in highschool. Besides Weis and Hickman, he's probably the best DL writer. The Legend of Huma was particularly entertaining.

I'll give his books a try for sure.