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Shadow Queen

While looking through the fact book nobody carries a ID to get onto the Station as it states in the book (rule book) An Identicard is needed in earth controled space to enter Babylon 5 and other earth stations????
Just figure that most human technomages probably have one if they are not blips. They might be out of date, but not for long, because they are "Technomages." They can always make one if they have any sort of computer skills. Just a thought.
Aramanthus said:
Just figure that most human technomages probably have one if they are not blips.

Which they all aren't - no teep can become a 'Mage after all :) But forging a valid ID is a trivial exercise surely for any Technomage?
I would assume that most technomages probably had a collection of Identicards usable for whichever identity they were using at the time.
Well .....

Every races that know something about technomage know that they do not have to be in the way.....

So they do not need to provide an ID to anyone, because no one will ask them for.

Hint : In the serie, at S1 I think, B5 security ask them for an ID ..... can't remember how it was solved .......

However, even if they have to provide an ID, it's a false one that will be given ..... a false one, but valid. (A computer hack is trivial for them, you make a false ID and you make a false record with a false bio on the main servers).

Remember one thing :
Their ID and their organisation MUST be kept secret : wherever whenever whoever.

From 2260 to at least 2268 Technomages must be hiding and contact no one outside from their guild. If a contact is made, it's with approval. If not, the technomage can have terrible penalty. Galen, for contacting sheridan and durena has been banished.

Hope that will help

P.S. : don't forget the B5 spirit .... Galen has been banished officialy ..... that may be a method to preserve galen to be exposed to several questions .... or to be captured for giving information about technomages retreat ..... witch is, for the actual technomages, the must important thing to be kept secret. ..... Another banished technomage said that the technomages were still talking to him :)
Judicator said:
Hint : In the serie, at S1 I think, B5 security ask them for an ID ..... can't remember how it was solved .......

Series 2, Ep 3 "Geometry of Shadows". but I can't remember how they got through customs either.

Wellllllll......if you go by the books (with out giving too much of a spoiler) I think all the technomages used their own ID's + identified themselves as technomages because of the scam they were working. Also, if you remember from the episode at one point Sheridan commented on the numbers of technomages that were gathering in Downbellow, he wouldn't have had exact numbers if they hadn't identified themselves I wouldn't think.

Now at other was pretty obvious from the books and Crusade that Galen would 'go undercover' if he thought it useful. Clever one that Galen. ;)

Technomages, even in peace time, keep secrecy about them ......
Some races Honor them;
Some races Ignore them;
Some races Fear them.

sheridan think to have their ID ......

However, what is an ID ? a picture, names, date of birth, living place ......

if you go in that way, two data shall never be given :

1 - date of birth : can give a perspective of their lifetime
2 - living place .... of course !

So they must at least lie on those two data.

Sheridan and humans are a young race, their knowledge of technomage is at the same level than the fairy tales ..... only older races knows really about technomage (minbari, centauri, narn, .....).

Where Sheridan see that all technomages gives their ID, technomages see only a piece of plastic that means nothing because no data inside is compromising.

That's why the line between false ID and real ID is weak ... maybee it's their real ID, maybe not, maybe they don't really even have an ID and give a "true false" one to races that ask them one.

Many truth depends of the point of view we have. True ID for sheridan ..... False for technomages .....
You'd think that by 2258 you would not need an identicard. We should have our ID and medical history imbedded in a chip in our forearm. Or we could use a fingerprint scanner, or retinal scanner, or a musosal DNA swab, or voice recognition, or facial topography. I can't see why we'd have to cary cards so far into the future. Sure, for money purposes maybe, but if we're checking ID against an EarthForce database it should be keyed to genetic or individual markers, don't you think?

B5 is B5

and in B5, in 2258 and more, it's an ID card we are talking about .... not a chip neither other biometrical method.

changing it .... it's altering B5 universe.

(B5 is not star trek)
deaded said:
You'd think that by 2258 you would not need an identicard.

Given how much they're being protested in the UK and the personal privacy implications of not just your government but alien governments having access to your bio data, I'm not surprised.

But hey, it's the way JMS wrote it.