Techno-Mage Items Of Power

Kyu Kage

Has anyone got some suggestions for a how a PC would go about constructing an item of power in game.

This is of course assuming a VERY high level character.

From my perspective, it would be nigh on impossible for a PC to achieve.

The only feasible methods for the aquisition of such an item would be starting equipment, NPC plot device, or taking one from a fallen comrade/enemy.
Actually from the Technomages novel they used parts of the chrysalis for their various items created. The bulk of it was to be used to create their place of power. But Galen's staff had a small amount of his chrysalis in it's construction. Their ships also had some of the Chrysalis involved in it's creation.
True enough, but not all items are created as such.

And the ships themselves can be tied into the Chrysalis of a Techno-Mage, but I don't beleive they start out that way...

Could be wrong of course.
Aramanthus said:
uhuh. I know like the ring the little girl had in the Technomages Trilogy. It was made withuot the Chrysalis.

IIRC, devices without a piece of Chrysalis were not a functional as those with a piece of it. Sort of like watching a TV screen vs being in a virtual reality setting.