Can anyone help? One of my players is a Tauran borderer. in the Aquilonia book it says that Tauran is not a border province but the map on the inside cover puts Tuaran to the north of the Bossonian marches on the border of Cimmeria. I was wondering wear anyone else places it. The map in the conan chronicles paperback places Tauran behind the Bossonian marches?
I think it is just a tad too far north on the map - but I also had some pretty crappy maps to work with when I wrote the text. It works either way - just move it slightly to the southeast if you don't want it to be border land, or ignore that one sentence of the text if you do.
Thanks vincent, it came up when two players were rolling up characters , a Bossonian and a Tauran and we were wondering how one character would perceive the other. I might have the Tauran behind bossonia but have a slither of land reach around to the north and get the best of both worlds. By the way I think the Aquilonian sorcebook is a great read and cant wait to start our new campaign { the other is on hold awaiting for some higher level scenarios} :D