TAS - Updated questions 2023


I was trying to get the general picture on how the TAS works, but I'm only finding very old information (or no information). I obviously read whatever is published in DriveThruRPG.

But I still have tons of questions about what you can or cannot do with this license. Things like:
  • Do I keep the rights of my work when published with TAS? Can moongose do anything with my work without my permission?
  • Can I publish stuff in my own setting or does it have to be 3rd Imperium?
  • Do Moongose gets a % of whatever I earn? If so, how much?
  • Can we publish stuff in 1st edition? 2nd edition & 2022/2023 update? Or only the latest release?
Any other limitations that I should need?

I've found the answer to some of this questions but most threads are really old like at least 4-5yo.

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Oh ok, it seems that something is going up regarding this! It was posted some hours after my question.

Great news! I can't post links but it seems that there's a new program Open Content Program in the way.