Tank Drivers!


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Hi guys,

We know we have quite a few players of Mongoose games in the military. Is there anyone out there who plays our games and is part of a tank crew in the USMC, British Army or (probably reaching here :)), the Chinese PLA?
Now where is this question leading? A mongoose invasion of some town? or possible blitzkrieg on Games workshop? :lol:
My uncle, now retired, used to teach tank drivers and re-wrote the Army tank training manual. I could e-mail him and see if he is interested if you would like. Let me know if you do and what e-mail for him to contact and I'll ask him. He lives in Utah now, but I can e-mail him the info.
*pictures miniature cases and rpg books strapped to the top of the tank*

Well...the spot above the engine, if the machine is turned off, could be covered with plywood and a game could be played.... The first M1A2 Abrams SST Game?
A few guys huddled inside with the hatch tightly shut, playing RuneQuest while the battle rages around them, bullets ricocheting off in all directions...

"No, I clearly remember you told me to bring the main rulebook, and you were bringing the companion and magic books! I'm sure as heck not going back for them now!"
<Player> "We fire a volley of arrows over their heads to keep them pinned down"

<GM> "They ignore the arrows and keep on coming"

<Player> "Oh come on, excessive incoming fire is bound to have a psychological suppression effect on them"

<GM> "Nothing in the rules about that"

<Player> "Forget the rules, stick your head out the hatch for twenty seconds and we can tell by the state of your underwear whether it works or not!"
Or how about the loader, driver, and gunner are players, the commander's the GM, and they're playing on the go?

Commander <Why did we just swerve sharply?>
Drive <Sorry, I dropped my dice>
Gunner <Again? I almost bonked my head!>
Commander <Ok ok...look, get us back in position and roll for initiative>

<Commander> The Amazons open fire on you
<Driver> Say again, it's noisy with all these bombs falling
<Commander> I said they OPEN FIRE

*Huge explosion as the mess tent is blown apart*

<Gunner> *looks guiltily at the commander* Um... Sorry?
I think we've annoyed Matt....or at lease amused him to no end...

<Say again>

<I told you, I play a Level 15 Mage>

<I'm asking for coordinates for artillery, dummy!>

Sorry MR sprange, Im Ex RAF.

If you are thinking of doing a role play designed around fixing planes im ya man!!

I have simulator training in Abrams, Bradley as well as A-10, UH-1 Huey. One of the benefits of being an Army brat. :)

I can't give you the protocols and such, but if you want to know how to shoot/drive/fly the darn things, I can give you the basics. :)

While I'm here, if anyone was training in the M-1 simulators, saw a rogue T-62 cruising down a large hill at full speed, firing it's main gun and blasting your neat formation to bits around noon..... Sorry about that. :)

They said you guys were getting ready to go eat lunch anyways. :)