Tac Fighter or Slingshot Poll

Tac Fighter or Slingshot

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I'm going to have to say the TAC, the movie and cgi made it to dang cool for me 8) , but I like the slingshot too, with the chin-mounted gun and bug zapper field *hopper gets crisped*
i went with Slinshot, just like a few points in how it plays over the TAC, but it is a tough decission. I t woul dbe cool to see them come out in quick succession.
Slingshot please
Makes sense in a lot of ways, think about it, some popular troop and bug configurations boxed in different ways. CAP squad complete with a Maruader or two. Slingshot complete with CAP squad etc etc etc...

Hey how about some suggestions lets see if we can give this legs. I've put up my combo of the Slingshot plus 2 X TACS, what's your favourite combo for a box set?
I vote for the TAC Fighter, but i really hope that there will soon Skyhooks and vikings! ;)

*hold up a big placard "Give me some SKYHOOKS and VIKINGS"* ;-)

best regards