Supplements for 'The Hour of the Dragon'


If you were going to design an adventure loosely based on the events of The Hour of the Dragon, what supplements would you use, and why?

Thanks for your input!
I would use "The Hour of the Dragon."

As for actual supplements, then Scrolls of Skelos because Xaltotun's stats are there, as is the Heart of Ahriman. Aquilonia, because that is what is at stake. The article on Khemi in Signs and Portents, because it has Akivasha's corrected statistics. Road of Kings, because the trail goes all over the place. Messantia, because part of the adventure passes through there. Pirate Isles because of the sea part of the adventure. Hyboria's Fiercest just because. The upcoming sourcebook on Stygia might be good.
You forgot to mention the core book and the screen map because you can then precisely locate where the adventures are going to happen and the events taking place.