Okay i gotta chime in here for a bit,

I'm a long time fan of Lone Wolf. While I love the new revitalization of the game, i'm a little concerned with the direction its going in. All of the supliment books just keep churning out classes. Where are the descriptions of different places of magnamund? Game Plot ideas? Interesting cities, cults, enemies, plots. Maps!! Maps were a huge thing in the original lone wolf. I'd love to see a whole book on full color, (or heck the old black and white ones we got in the original game books in the US) I'd love to see very detailed maps of different regions, important countries and even cities.

Lone Wolf is not just more and more unique classes. It's about the titanic struggle between good and evil. But as a DM i need more source material! I need the meat of an RPG not just more bones.

I see the release shedule should focus on the following in this order:

1. Regional Sourcebooks (give us ideas of places to place new campaigns! And places to see, things to do!)

2. Monster Manual- This is very needed. Good illustrations on ever monster, monster templates, and a hefty serviing of what makes monsters unique in magnamund.

3. Book of Maps- A manual of loose, or binded maps that cover all of northern and southern Magnamund. I'd love to see this because Maps were the soul of the original game.

4. Adventures, Class Sourcebooks- This would be more apropriate down the line when we are able to build our campaigns. Most DM's make their own adventures. I'd actually like to see a book that is exclusively on the Kai Monks! A full tome about their history, culture, rituals, powers and important NPC's in the world at this time. Who's the leader of the Kai right now?! And i'd like to see at least a dozen high level or unique Kai monks stats with little bios about them. We have that on the darklords. Now how bout the other side?

Tell me what you think guys,