Sun Eagle



The hsitory of book of magnakai and Sun Eagle are decribed in the Lone Wolf rpg.

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Well, I would suppose they are ... After all, they are a deeply ingrained in the background of the Kai order. But as I don't have the rulebook so far: Anyone out there who knows more about how far Sun Eagle and the good ol' book are detailed in the core rules?

The book of the Magnakai is not really given statistics (it's a plot element after all) and Sun Eagle is not detailed to a statistic level. I considered it, but given the volume of material that is in the book, there just wasn't room. Besides, aside from flash-back stories or some reallt strange goings-on, there would never be a need for Sun Eagle's statistics.

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Thanks, August, but I thought our guest meant the history of Sun Eagle and the Book of the Magnakai ... Probably should have been more careful where I swung that "detailed" around. Sorry about that. :wink:

There is a timeline in the book that briefly covers Sun Eagle's history and origins, and the writing of the Book of the Magnakai (along with it's later theft).

There are no stats for Sun Eagle, as pointed out before, but there ARE stats for his Shield in the Legendary Items section.