Hi guys... Since I don't have much of a gaming crew here, I've been working on writing story hours for all the rpgs I have on my EZBoard(my wife's idea believe it or not). However, with Babyon 5 I've run into a problem my storytelling skills haven't been able to figure out in a good way. Thus, I haven't written much lately. One of the characters, Sulann, is a Worker Caste Minbari who works as a transportation liaison on Babylon 5. She is basically the person to go when you need something shipped, on the record or off. However, because of the fact that she is Worker Caste, this usually means that she would be 'stuck' in her position and would not have much of a desire to go around and do much adventuring in 2258. I've been reading the MFFB pretty close and nothing has come to mind. To make my work easier, I'm using published adventures to provide the backgrounds for these adventures, which means that I'm trying to tie in a reason that she would go with the other characters in the Fiery Trial setup. Any ideas as to a good reason she would 'leave her post' to go adventuring with these gits or is it pretty much a lost cause? Sorry for it being so long, once I get writing something, I get caught in inertia. Thanks for any help you guys can provide. I'd especially appreciate it if August had any thoughts....
To start with how about there is some problem with one of the shipments and she has to go out to fix it. But it turns out to belong to a well connected person. Who likes or dislikes how she handled it. Who is now using his contacts in the Minbari government to have Sulann do jobs off station.
As requested...

First, nice background. This is exactly the kind of way a Worker Caste Minbari can be worked into a B5 Campaign.

The key, as I see it, to getting Sulann involved in the plot and 'freeing her up' is to remember that the Worker Caste stake their personal honour on the completion of the jobs and the satisfaction of those they do the work for. In this regard, she would be more than willing (perhaps even eager) to make sure a given task was done to completion.

If Sulann is given a support staff (even just one other person) who can handle the responsibilities of her position while she is personally escorting 'priority' packages, she can go on all kinds of adventures content in the knowledge that her duties are still being fuilfilled.

This help. Shadowbloodmoon?

It definately gets the ball rolling. I never thought that since her personal honor would be at stake, the Johnson could call that into play when asking her to go on missions. She does have a small support staff assigned to her.. Hmm.... Alter this, add that... Thanks guys, I just figured that worker caste usually just stayed where they were, did what they were told and that was that. Definately helps a lot, thank you both. Now to get my lazy bum back to writing...