Starting Wealth


I found the table with starting wealth for the seven main character classes, but I can't find the starting wealth for players wanting to play one of the supporting role classes (adept, warrior, etc). I didn't see it in the equipment section or in the description of the supporting role classes. Maybe I missed it because I have been skipping around up to this point, and I haven't seen it discussed on this forum yet. How much do they start with?
There is no starting wealth for the supporting role classes because they are just that: supporting roles. They'd be left far behind by any of the PC classes in the game, anyway, because they're just not as powerful.

I guess the game's supposed to be about larger than life heroes as opposed to struggling adventurers.

The entire ethos Mongoose seem to have taken into this game is that the heroes should be larger than life, the only ones who can really make a difference.

I doubt very much that you will see any support for grittier or lower-powered games. The introduction to the Supporting Roles section makes it quite clear the game is not designed to support a campaign based around the adventures of "Rudolph, Inkeeper of Holmgard".

I have no doubt such a thing could be done, it's just that the GM will have to make all of the calls himself.
They must have had some idea that people might want to play more generic heroes. After all, where would Grey Star have been without Shan Li? Someone will surely want to play a Klarnorian barbarian, or a Vassagonian assassin, or something else not as heroic as the main classes. I guess it's up to the individual DM.
I can't speak on Mongoose's behalf ... but I will anyway. :wink:

I'm sure they realised some people might want to play "lesser" heroes. However, if their design goal doesn't incorporate this, it makes little sense to include it. Which is something I'm happy with -- every rule and comment on playing a different style of game is space not used to cover the default setting and provide me with information I will use.