Starship Troopers Swap Meet


Hi all,

just wondering if anyone's interested in doing some swaps or trades. I've got some extra things that it looks like I won't be needing, but there's plenty of figures I do want.

I've got extras of:
Skinny War Chief blister, unopened
Skinny Raiders (8 ) on sprue
Skinny Guard box set, unopened
Mobile Infantry (16) on sprue
Reliant Gun Platforms (3) unassembled
Pathfinders Army Book
Modelling and Painting Guide

I'm looking for:
Thorny Tanker
Guard Bugs
Spider Bugs
Rippler Bugs
Cliff Mites
Control Bugs

Will swap retail-for-retail. PM me if you're interested in doing a trade, or post a message here with your own for-trade lists!
I'll also sell the things in my for-trade list, for a discount, so I can buy the things in my want-list. Contact me if you're interested :)