Starship Troopers Painting Guide - Good buy, Bad buy ?

Starship Troopers Painting Guide - Good buy, Bad buy ?

  • Good buy ! Are you kidding, I couldn't live without it.

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  • Bad buy :( Just spend the dough on minis

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  • Avg buy - Its ok, but you know.

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I like it, with all sorts of tips an suggestions for painting. Course, I never follow them, perferring to make it look like the queen of my bug's colony is just comming off a three week bender ;) Also, the rule for standard bearers is great!
I liked the article on the crashed spaceship terrain... More than makes up for the sortof lame €/page ratio...
I was fortunate enough to be able to play on that very terrain at GenCon Indy '05, and it's even sweeter up close! Those Danger Planet guys know how to build a damn cool table!! 8)
I never paint my bugs according to what the pros tell me to do. If I had a better camera, I'd post pics, but I will tell you they look like they were painted by a hippie. My warriors are purple and green, some with 10-11 limbs, my tanker is gold and blue, may plasma is black and silver, my hoppers are tye-dye, etc.
Freakiness! :D
I'm going to airbrush mine. I'm going to stick with earthy natural chitin like effect. While I think the black, yellow and red is pretty cool, it's never quite grabbed me.

Perhaps I'll model mine after the pine beetle. Anyone who's had the misfortunate of being bitten by a pine beetle knows how they're obviously the arachnid's advance forces-- their bites produce blood flow.