starship troopers messy desk contest, i win


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  • not as bad as when i was in the Military....

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ok here we go, anyone have a messy desk post a pic, and at the end of may, ill post a poll, with who has the worst room/desk etc :lol:

these are my pics;



yes almost everybox you see has something miniature wargame related, in the pic with my computer room, there is a corner off to the right that has a stack all the way to the ceiling, let me see if can take a pic of that LOL
I have just cleaned my room so I can make out both the floor and the room.
Otherwise there's wargaming books and boxes all over the place.

I e-mailed those pics to a well-known home makeover TV show. So...if a bunch of gay guys and a chick that looks like a biker show up at your door, it's ok...just cooperate with them...

Chad: "Oh...My...Gawd!!!! Look at the paint job on these MI! What WAS he thinking! Hellloooo!"

Chip: "I think we need to loose those drab earth tones and go for some nice bright springy colors!"

Chad: "You, sir, are so right!"

*high fives*

Natasha: "And while we're at it, just look at this Hello Kitty desk and chair I found at a local store! Isn't it to die for? It'll perfectly accent the disco ball and wooden indian!"

Chip: "That's wooden NATIVE AMERICAN, Natasha, you b*tch!"

Chad: "Hahahahaah!"

*high fives all around*

Have fun in your new work space.
@scipio: ROFLMAO :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

@byram: well my room is pretty messy, but nothing compared to that lol, not worth posting :p . due to my parents telling me to do this thing called "cleaning" once in a while, it has never reached full messiness potential... now my gaming table on the other hand... but DOH i cleaned that to actually play a game of warmachine :p
My space is actually quite clean (relative to what it was) because I was sick two weeks ago. When I get sick, I feel unproductive, so I end up cleaning.
Mine used to be that bad... but i moved back home so now my work area is a portable paint station... and i keep all myt minis in my various boxes in a shelf closet...
You think THAT is bad?

While I was single (and in the USAF) I had a picture perfect room, including when I was stationed in San Antonio (a cockaroach-free room in the Roach Capital of the USA).

Then I got married.

Here we are nearly 21 years later, retired from the USAF and my wife has the apt so filled with honest to gawd crap that there is barely any space in my (so-called) home office.

I'd post the pics but then she'd have to kill me. :shock:
xenopsyllus said:
Messy room? Yes.
Messy desk? Not really. You have quite a bit of open space in front of your keyboard.

actually i have 6" of room on the keyboard, the edge is just really hard to see :D