star wars rpg vs. b5 rpg.


Hi all,

I cant find the original thread on this. But after posting my question about the differences between the two systems on both boards, I would have to say that I got far more intellegent responses on these boards. The best answer I got over there is that Starwars had lightsabers and was more fiction then reality. I am sorry, but some games need alittle reality.
Babylon 5 plays out a lot closer to the future with it's tech than either Star Wars or Star Trek. That is when it comes to Earth Alliance.
That and ever since Lucas went nuts with the Midiclorein (sp) thing for the Force...not to mention "Conceived by the Force"...hide your wives and daughters the Force is out tonight! Sure flashing Lighsabers are 8) , however for real substance B5 rocks!

It is almost a case like Highlander. I pretend that they never made any other movies after the first (and the TV series was on a different plane of existance since it was somewhat enjoyable). I have to wonder if they even watched the first movie or not???

Is JMS perfect, he will tell you no. However his ability with continuity is unheard of in movies, books, etc. He beat himself up on the discussion pages more than any critic ever could there during the series. He noticed mistakes that until he pointed them out, most never would have seen them. A few he put in for the very observant as salutes sometimes.