Stalingrad: Pre-painted minis?


There was some talk a few months ago about an 'all-in-one-box' wargame for Stalingrad. With the announcement regarding Starship Troopers, Battlefield Evolution and pre-painted minis, can anyone answer if Stalingrad is still a possibility and will it receive the same treatment? (My vote is for pre-painted minis).


I'd be a definite (read: automatic) customer for a Stalingrad box set with pre-painted minis.

Presumably this (the superior pre-painted minis) is the huge leap forward in miniatures predicted by Matt at the beginning of the year (or was it the end of 2005?) and I can see why. The lack of time for painting, along with my mostly average ability to paint and model, has always been a much bigger problem for me than the cost or desire to collect and play a variety of miniature wargames. Give me more!

Such a game, with the SST game engine, would realy rock, and sell like hell. . . can not wait to see it. . . .
Hi i`m a play tester for BFE, and i must say mongoose is taking the big leap with pre-painted,and i say well done to them, also the BFE rules are very good, loads of scope to play with you know ideas etc, set in the future nothing stops you playing in any year...

As for WW2, all i know is, if people welcome the new figures with open arms and buy them, and people like the new rules for BFE and SST, then of course WW2 is in the bag, fingers crossed all the modern people will come over the the rules, and maybe in 2007 WW2 may happen, i guess its down to the players to vote...

Bring it on i say
As much as I suddenly cant wait for BF:E and SST:E I too would instanly be inline for a WWII version. My number one and always wargaming love will be WWII.
Absolutely, my painting is acceptable but slow, slow.
I am starting to set money aside for SSTE, BFE
and any other good ruleset quality miniatures PPM.

I love building models do not mind painting but I absolutely love playing the games.
On my painting table atm -

Still more VOR (LOTS OF IT LOL), the rest of my ABC Robots, 2 Warmachine Armies, 1 Hordes Army, 2 ACTA Fleets, a Dalek Army, a Cyberman Force, loads of RPG figures, an Ophidian force for Confrontation, an Elven force for Confrontation, LOADS of 40mm stuff from Monolith/Graven Images - and thats without whats in storage and some more SST stuff (which gets most of my attention).

Pre-Painted will be a godsend!!!!!

I know a state trooper who would be happy because he spends his night shift painting miniatures while he is on the job. He said the problem is that he keeps spilling the paint all over the cruisers.
Another automatic sale here, along with a few other people I know. There is, however, one conditon: the game must include mine dogs for the commies. :lol:
I think that is more about comedy value.

I think Stalingrad is becoming more and more a serious possibility.