Spider God's Bride 2 - Song of the Beast-Gods - on Drivethru


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The follow-on to the popular Spider God's Bride is now available on Drivethru;


The Song of the Beast-Gods contains another set of thrilling sword & sorcery adventures.

The land of Yar-Ammon is old, and even older are its gods. From the dawn of time, when bands of hunter-gatherers roamed the land, men and women shared a sacred bond with the beasts they hunted. The primal people bowed before colossal statues of wild beasts, and the priests of Yar-Ammon wore animal masks in imitation of their gods. Each beast had its own cult; each city its own idol.

In the city of Khadis, where the hyena was sacred, the Great Red Sphinx was placated every year with offerings of treasure and blood. The people heaped silver and gold at the feet of the sphinx and feasted on the intoxicating wines prepared by the priests. And then the drunken revelers fell upon the city’s criminals and prisoners of war and hurled them over the city walls to the hyena packs waiting below.

But things are different today. Before his death two and twenty years ago, the High King of Yar-Ammon instituted the worship of an (until then) unknown god, called the First One, and known variously as Zothur, Zoth-Ur, or Xoth-Ur. Taking the title of Kingpriest and Prophet of the First One, the king sent his new priests from Amenti to all the lesser cities of the land, and demanded that the old ways of beast-worship be abandoned.

The emissaries of the Kingpriest were not well received everywhere, but in Khadis, the petty king Akhtesh had recently lost his queen while she was giving birth to Nathifa, the second of the king’s daughters. Akhtesh meekly accepted the Kingpriest’s decrees, as announced by the sinister priests of Zothur: As a sign of his will to break with the old ways, Akhtesh was forced to exile the priests of the hyena-cult, deface the Great Red Sphinx, and sacrifice his oldest daughter, Nekhtra, who had been groomed to become high priestess of the hyena-cult since early childhood.

But the king’s chief steward, Hykshah, was a secret priest of the hyena-cult. He dressed up a slave-girl as Nekhtra and handed her over to suffer death at the hands of the priests of Zothur, while the real princess was taken into the desert and left in the care of a tribe of wild nomads.


Nice! I think this is an excellent conversion into Legend of a very cool S&S scenario.

Some minor editing errors:

I see three mentions of page XX!

p 2, sidebar : "Each assistant becomes a beast-man of Khadis (see page XX),"

p 9, area 4, top of second column: "The corridor leads via a stairway to Area 12 in the vaults beneath the sphinx (see page XX)."

p 35, High Priest: "They also gain access to the Song of the Beast Gods, which is described on page XX."

On p 19, The Tactics sentence at the end should be on a line by itself, not appended to the Description.


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I'm glad to see the new Cultures at the back of the book - this mirrors some of the suggestions arising out of the discussion of Swords and Sorcery campaigns that we had here a while back :D

The Enlightened culture is a work of genius - that's one we didn't consider, but it fits the genre perfectly

I just wish that these new rules were available for use under the OGL, but I suppose that they are licenced from Morten :(


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I have no money....yet I bought it anyway lol.

Still havn't read the first one....

I'll get there :)

Marlow Kurtz

Certainly the revised version of the SBG conversion and now Song of the Beast Gods are worthy products, and I'm happy to say I own them both.

Are there any plans afoot for further Xoth products? Morten Braten already has "The Citadel beyond the North Wind" for PFRPG perhaps awaiting Legend conversion. He's long expressed a preference for that rule set, but how about something specifically written (perhaps co-written with Darren) for Legend rules? Or a system neutral campaign sourcebook?

The Wolf

Hi Marlow, once I'm done on MoL 2. I'll be diving into Spider God's Bride 3 (aka Citadel) hopefully! Thank you very much for your support :)

I'm also working on something for 13th Age, which would certainly fit the S&S bill (with a twist). It wouldn't be too hard to adapt to Legend either. Nor would it be beyond the realms of impossibility for me to produce a system-agnostic version of the setting for anyone who just wanted to plug/play.

I already do this with a couple of my own locations for sale.