Sleeping In Light Campaign: WHo, What, Where? The Logistics


So, who's all going to this and where will you be.

Post here which hotel you're in, any useful info, and suggestions for pubs for Saturday night if you have any.

For starters I'll be going to have breakfast on Saturday morning in the usual Breakfast Brigade hangout, Sunflower Cafe:

If you take a look at the map to the mongoose offices here:

If you carry on North up Cricklade Road, going past the Mongoose offices and past the crossroads with Chapel Street and Ferndale Road. Just after that crossroads on the right hand (East) side of Cricklade Road, just after the Co-op is a cafe called the Sunflower cafe. We traditionally try to get together there for a hearty fried breakfast about an hour before doors open at Mongoose, so in this case 0800 hours.

The food is good, prices are reasonable, and it's a good way to set your stomach up for a days gaming

I know some of you already know about the BB, and some don't get there in time to indulge, but I hope I'll see some of you there to start the weekend.

Hotel wise Low Roller and I are staying in the Travelodge in town, as are Triggy and BEn, anyone else staying there?

Nice if we could come up with a slightly more detailed plan than Breakfast, Gaming, Pub, sleep, breakfast, gaming, pub, go home :lol:

My parents have kindly allowed Ken, Diesel, Chandler, Clanger and myself to doss at their house a few miles outside Swindon.

I might join LBH et al at the Sunflower Cafe.

I don't know Swindon centre very well for pub and/or food. I know a few places to eat in old town, which is up near the croft sports centre.
Remember it's this Radio 1 big weekend thingy as well so I would predict the town will be jammed up!

Yes I shall be staying at the Hotel Smith with Greg et al. (Thanks again Greg!).

Breakfast sounds good but that depends on Ken - such a slow driver!
Trust me, the Kettering Krew will be there for breakfast. The White Stars have nothing on the Kenmobile when it's breakfast time...

As for drinks afterwards, any Swindon locals know a good place we can get suitably trolleyed?
I forgot to mention that I intend to be in the cafe at 0800 hours, which is when they open coincidentally.

I will likely be on the 0700 train to Paddington out of Bristol Temple MEads, arriving Swindon approx 0745, so if anyone else is getting ina bout that time on Sat morning to the train station, let me know.