slaine the sons Tuireann (epic tales tresure)

toothill man

Here is a list of some of the items needed by the sons as price for a fathers death

Apples of Hesperides-size of the head of a month old child they are the color of burnished gold with a taste of honey.wounds are healed and all diseases are cured by eating them.

Pigskin of Tuis-its touch cures all wounded or sick people but only if there is any life still left in them,it also turns every stream of water through which it passes into wine for seven days
Poisoned spear of Pisear-irresisable in battle it is so fiery that its blade must always be held underwater lest it destroys the city in which it is kept.

2 horses and golden chariot of Dobhar-which runs on both land and sea

seven pigs of Easal king of the golden pillars-they can be eaten everynight are found alive again the next day there meat is proof against disease

The hound of the king of bruaidle called Failinas and every wild beast she sees she catches at once