Slaine S&P softcover

Since it doesn't look like we are getting anymore Slaine products. Any chance of taking the Slaine bits from the Sign & Portents and creating one volume out of it? I would love to get all of that goodness in one book? Any chance of this?
WHAT?!! Why the hell not? Hey if anything it could make up for taking the Slaine series of adventures and turning them into straight D20 fantasy jaunts! Slaine is not yet dead! Give us something to sink our teeth into dammit! :twisted:
I do second and third this as I have suggested this alot earlier and was given a big 'MAYBE.......'

Actualley I asked if they could make one big giant book compiling the entire series of Signs & Portents together into that one big volume.

Otherwise separately bound into individual volumes for each different licence covered.

Perhaps even a another volume filled with the various other stuff that can't be pigeon-holed such as a two part intereview with Gary Gygyx.
Here's one of the origianl requests for this book.
BY the way, That's a nice picture of Slaine you got.

I was wondering for a couple of weeks wehter ever happened to our other pictures.
Well it is a shame we are not getting those S&P's Slaine articles in complete volumes.

As far as the images, I dunno what happened? My pic of the fox disappeared so I opened up a photobucket account and host my pic off of there. Also looking at getting my group together and force them to start gaming again and Slaine is going to be the game. Been wanting to get a new game going and it looks like it will be happening. Long Live Slaine!!