slaine resource curses

toothill man

know we have insults but know any good curses to use in your slaine game and whant too pass on 8) not put downs thats what the insult page is for
may you wander over the face of the earth forever :shock: never sleep twice in the same bed,never drink water from the same well ,and never cross the same river twice in a year.
If your ever unsheathe your sword, may you never sheathe it back without claiming at least one life, be it foe, friend or family.
(this one is based on Stormbringer).
Every night you sleep may you fall in the most horrific nightmares and every day following may you live your nightmares through for real.
their is a divide in that this is a small curse threat the insult thread is epic and we worth a read to get a feel of the types of insults used.
May you joy never comes out but in the sadest moment and may you be windy each time you talk to a female of your kind.